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People in Viet Nam Are Buying These New Copycat Wireless Earphones, with the Best Sound Quality… (It’s Genius!)
May 2019: Latest start-up out of Silicon Valley has just launched the latest generation of wireless earphones, giving Apple’s AirPods a real run for their money. With thousands of ...
Netflix and Hulu, I beg you: Stop plugging yourselves during your TV shows and movies
The fourth season of “Veronica Mars” is a triumph. It has all the great writing and acting from the original UPN and CW series, but it’s far more mature: Familiar ...
Gang Fight Kills 57 in Brazil, 16 Beheaded
BRASILIA—A gang fight in a prison in Brazil’s Para state left at least 57 dead, many by decapitation or asphyxiation, adding to a string of gruesome clashes in the country’s overloaded ...
Should political parties really let anyone run for president?
Twenty-five candidates are running for the Democratic Party’s nomination. Twenty of them will take the stage in next week’s televised primary debates. So large a slate could fill two ...
Can tourism boost one of Mexico’s poorest states?
It is a tricky time to be in the tourism business in Mexico. A record murder rate, and travel warnings, have put some foreigners off. The number of visitors to Quintana Roo, the jewel ...

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